We were away for awhile on our wedding anniversary. 
Almost took a Hawaiian Appliqué/Quilting class, but since I wasn't going to be able to make it on time, just got a kit for a cosmetic pouch to try to teach myself when I get a chance. The previous time we went I saw a demonstration, and purchased a cushion kit (which I've not finish). May cheat a bit and mark the seam allowance before doing the needle-turn appliqué.. I find it so hard having to do all those curves without a marked seam allowance.

We had a lovely time, not only enjoying the warm weather, and the many beaches...

 ...but also the beautiful tropical flora & fauna, delicious fresh food,
a bit of shopping, and the rich culture, etc. .  Last but not least, we totally enjoyed the company of old friends and making new ones!
After all the fun, it is always good to be back home! Laundry done. Today was grocery shopping day to fill up the pantry and fridge, tomorrow some dusting and light cleaning. We left the house squeaky clean, so that makes it all much easier now. Now to catch up with the kids homeschooling, we didn't do as much as we intended while away... and get busy with volunteer work. 
Hope y'all are doing well! Until next time!

Non-affiliated links:
My Hawaiian appliqué kit is from this company, they have retail shops around the islands of Hawaii: https://hawaiian-quilts.com/kits.html another good source to see pictures and read more about this art is: http://poakalani.net