Stitched Blooms

This pretty blooms were hand embroidered by my daughter for my kitchen. Love all the happy bright colors in it! Especially fond of how the orchids and the poppy turned out. 
It's been so hot these days that we've stayed indoors. On most days, salads have been our lunch choice... so refreshing! 
Be well! Until next time!

Non-affiliated info:
Embroidery Pattern stitched on first picture is Little Blooms PDF by Sublime Stitching


Kristina said…
I love Sublime Stitching! That salad looks great too. We are finally stocking up strawberries this year.
Raewyn said…
Your daughter's stitching is beautiful! And the salad looks delicious too :-)
Lilbitbrit said…
Your daughter's embroidery is lovely. You must enjoy sharing that together.
Beca said…
Oh my she's getting so good. She has a good teacher. You must feel proud displaying that in your kitchen. It would make her feel proud too. Its great that you're passing on your craft to your children. We've been having lots of salads and fruit bowls too. It tastes so good this time of year
xx Beca
Connie said…
Your daughter did a beautiful job on that tea towel, it is gorgeous :)
Thanks, Kristina! You must be so happy to finally be able to enjoy your strawberries!
Thanks, Raewyn! ;-)
Thanks, Lilbitbrit! Yes we do!
Thanks, Beca! It does make me happy to see her embroidering! Salads and fruit bowls are must for these hot days.
Thanks, Connie! :-)
Birthe Marie said…
I love this beautiful blossom embrodery your daughter made for you.