Mouse Stitchery and Cravings

Started this cute mousey couple of days ago while resting up a bit from a very sore and painful upper back muscles & neck. A good friend of mine and spiritual sister is also stitching from this same pattern (Aunt Martha's no.3820). In fact she was the one who motivated me to work on mine, she's doing hers on tea towels. Even though we do not live close by, we keep updating each other on our embroidery progress thru modern technology ;-). So bless to have a stitching friend! 
I'm stitching mine on my lap quilt project, may have to post my progress. As usual I have a few embroidery and english paper piecing projects going at once. Hoping to make considerable progress this summer on some of them, will definitely post updates as I work on them.

Now changing subject... the other day I had this intense desire for a burger, it had to taste as I was imagine it, LOL.   We jumped in the car to the nearest grocery store and grab ingredients, as soon as we got back I got busy in the kitchen.

Mmmmm, it was good! Just as I imagined it was going to taste. My choice of burger is a simple kind, with basic toppings, and this time with whole grain bread. Normally cheese-burgers don't get my attention, unless we are talking about a mushroom & swiss cheese burger ;-), but most of the time a simple well made burger is all it takes to take care of the cravings. Well, that's all for now, till next time! PS: Now I'm craving for another one!

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Pattern "Mice Tea Towels" no.3820 from Colonial Patterns.


lil red hen said…
Love this little design!
Simple burgers are my favorite. Sometimes bought ones are too large
and have too much goo on them. ;)
Beca said…
I think this time of year homemade burgers taste so much better. I just made some on Saturday with tater tots on the side and sliced watermelon. It hit the spot. Happy stitching.
xx Beca
Connie said…
Oh my goodness . . . I want to be at your house. Love the little mouse and your burgers have my mouth watering. I didn't even know that I was craving a burger until I saw yours. Maybe Friday night :)
Happy 4th of July!!!
Connie :)
Hi! Just found your blog and love it! Have a wonderful day and greetings from Pennsylvania USA!
Thanks! Totally agree with "goo" description ;-).
We enjoyed them once in awhile thru out the year,... for me, they taste much better when I'm craving them, LOL.
Thanks, Connie! Hope you were able to get your hands on a burger!
Hi Michele, welcome and thanks for visiting!