Oldie but Goodie: In My Garden Stitchery

Don't think I ever posted this project. Can't even remember when it was completed... thinking some time mid 2011. Went to the craft room to take a picture of it completed, here it is.

This picture was taken recently with my smartphone at night, and the 1st one was with a digital camera few years ago,... what a contrast in color and clarity. A variegated blue valdani perle cotton was my choice for this cute stitchery. I do not think the pattern is available by itself any longer, however there's a book from Leisure Arts by Kathy Schmitz that has this pattern among other projects.
Today's a rainy day here, we couldn't go out to do volunteer work... so I took advantage to catch up on some encouraging and spiritually upbuilding reading and a listened to a few mp3s while I completed stitching Lucy the bear. Now moving on, perhaps the little flower mouse gets done as well! Have a nice weekend!


lil red hen said…
I love the blue work on this one!
Beca said…
Blue is such a peaceful color. Beautiful work as always.
xx Beca
Que bonito bordado!!