Forest Park Friend: Lucy the Bear (Update: 7/13/18)

Lucy is finished! Very enjoyable pattern to stitch!
All the Forest Park Friends by Kathy Schmitz have a back side pattern as well. Not sure if I'll be stitching the back sides yet, I think for now I'll keep working on the front of the ones I got. For these cute creatures I'm using Sulky 12wt threads... loving how they feel when hand embroidering, also love the look!
The printed pattern version of these Forest Park Frieds come with the iron on transfers, mine are the PDF version so I'm having to trace mine. Got mine from Kathy's Etsy shop (link at the end of this post). Could've used the Stick-n- Stitch (aka: Sticky Fabri-Solvy), but this time didn't want to deal with the rinsing. Once I was done stitching it, I thought the watering can needed something else so I added an initial.
Oh, and wanted to share with y'all as a PSA;... you probably know already that Target have these handy first aid bags/pouches free with the purchase of 3 qualifying first aid items. Getting 3 inexpensive 1st aid items that you most likely need anyways, gets you one of these nifty bags free ;-).  I have a couple from previous years, and one from this year. Can you guess how mine get used? Yes, indeed! As an embroidery project bag! Perfect for on the go projects. 
Ok, so that's the end of the infomercial :-).
Now to complete the stitching of the flower mouse. 
Then to start with the 2nd Forest Park Friend that's set in the hoop ready to go in my first aid Target bag! Any guess which one is next? 

Update 7.13.2018: Adding progress pictures that I overlooked to add on original date of post.

Just wanted to add progress pictures of this projects for the record ;-). Took it to the pool, while my kids had fun swimming I stitched. I'm stitching onto a flour sack towel from Colonial Patterns (aka: Aunt Martha's).
Then in the late afternoon, worked on it a bit more in the living room. Took breaks from stitching to tend to family & household duties and to browse eye candy from these books.
Wasn't feeling good, medications weren't working, and couldn't sleep,...  some late night therapeutic stitching took place with the help of a tiny but powerful reading light. You won't believe how long I've been having this very handy light, about 9 or 10 years & still going strong! Got it at a Michael's craft store.
This last picture is to show you how I normally weave in the ends of my thread when done stitching, or when done with an element of the design.

Non-affiliated links;
1. Forest Park Friends PDF patterns by Kathy Schmitz on her Etsy shop, this is where I got mine.
The iron on transfer version available on her other web store.
2. Sulky 12wt from Uncommon Thread, this is where I got most of mine. 
However, they are some sets available in Amazon too... just search for 'Sulky 12wt' , Joann online has them too, some sellers on Etsy as well, etc.
3. Flour sack towel I'm stitching on is 18" by 28",  this one from Colonial Patterns (aka: Aunt Martha's).


Very nice! Thank you for always posting links. Love the embroidery kit and your blog!
Connie said…
Your work is perfection. Absolutely adorable.
I do have a question, I guess I'm old fashioned but I thought that the only way to purchase embroidery thread was in skeins. I love these spools. I make such a mess separating my threads and twisting them around cardboard. Where do I find these?
Thank you, Michele!
Thanks, Connie! I've posted the links at the end of this blog entry ;-).
Thanks, lil red hen! :-D
Birthe Marie said…
Lucy is adorable! Thank you for the links. I think it was a good idea to use the first aid bag as an embroidery project bag. :-)
Que bonito bordado!!
Beca said…
It is adorable! How creative of you to use the bags that way. Looks like it works well for a travel stitching bag.
xx Beca
Thank you, Birthe! :-)