Count Your Blessings Itty Bitty Progress

What a happy busy month October proved to be! Was able to reach my personal hour goal for volunteer work, which was truly enjoyable! We met some new friends, and got to know some -not so new friends- a bit better. The littles are doing great with their homeschool curriculums, playdates, and their personal spiritual goals as well. Didn't have much time to stitch in October, but I'm starting this month with a little bit of stitching.
Wasn't able to complete it (spent a couple of minutes reaping out and restitching the tail do to miscounting). It is not much, but I'm just warming up my needle ;-). Most of my house chores are done, just a quick errand tomorrow to grab a few groceries & toiletries, so perhaps once back I might be able to complete this sheep and the last one. I'm still not looking forward to stitching all that grass :-/.

Oh, have you seen/tried these Krispy Kreme Glazed Pumpkin Spice  doughnuts? So Good!!! They are quite sweet do to the glazing, but the spice is just right in my opinion. If they were to cut down the glazing a bit... oh how dangerously yummy these could be! I've been good for quite some time, so I totally indulged with this bag. With a cup of unsweetened hot tea, or coffee, and loved ones to share them with, these may not cause to much damage. 
Thank you so much for the previous comments! For some reason when I tried to reply under your comments it wouldn't post any of my replies, but I want you to know that I appreciate them!
Hoping that I'll have some other stitchy projects to show on my next blog update! Till next time!


Lilbitbrit said…
That's great to make your time and to be a happy, joyous month.
Lilbitbrit... thank you!