Undoing Plans

Isn't it interesting how our mood or events on a day affects the things we do or left undone? Instead of working on the cross stitch project and finishing the autumn mug rug, I ended up adding a few more stitches to my hand embroidery project :-). Above is where I'm at at the moment. Below are a couple of photos taken during my brief stitching section.

So as you can see, the element that I decided to focus on was the leaves, and the tiny buds. Autumn foliage is breathtaking! We can only try to replicate what our eyes take in, all praise goes to the Master Artist! 
Yes, below... there in the background is my neglected cross stitch project (sigh) must get back to it. If you cross stitch, please do share, how do you make the counting easier for yourself? Do you use a highlighter to mark the areas you have already worked on? I'm leaning towards giving that a try. 
Any thoughts? Please do share!
I'm not making any plans for my work in progress projects. Will definitely work on whatever makes my heart sing at the time ;-).
Until next time!


lil red hen said…
When I was crocheting a doily with many, many rows of different stitches, I made a copy of the instructions and then marked off each row as I finished it. That kept me from repeating rows and messing up the original pattern. I haven't done any cross stitching in several years now, but I would think highlighting finished areas could be very useful.
Gretchen Weaver said…
I never got into counted cross stitch. Your embroidery is lovely. If embroidery is what makes you happy right now, then work on the embroidery.
Raewyn said…
I love your stitchery project; it's easy to see why you were distracted with it! The fruits(?) in the gold are gorgeous too. I've used a highlighter or pencil in the past to show where I'd stitched. My SIL even laminates some of her patterns ( + knitting graphs) so she can highlight then wipe them clean to re-use.