Throwback Tuesday: Autumn 2016

Autumn is my favorite season. Today is beautiful here, my family went out to do a bit of volunteer work. I stayed behind in order to have some time alone and go over my younger one's homework, get it ready to go over any errors once she's back, and have a few minutes of me time with a cup of massala chai (aka: chai tea latte). 
Browsing thru old pictures while sipping chai, found these two of autumn of 2016. Above, a bit of english paper piecing on the the deck of our previous home, interestingly with a cup of chai ;-).

This other one, also on our previous home, of my craft desk full of projects... getting ready a towel for my older child to stitch. It took her quite awhile to complete (she started it here and completed it here). 
Sudden weather changes don't do me well. On a recent Dr. visit, she suggested I approached things a bit different, too soon to tell but so far it seems to be working. Still love Fall and all it's wonderful colors, flavors, scents! The sunlight and crisp air are wonderful, it puts a smile on my face just by looking out the window. Hoping you are enjoying the weather wherever you are, and that it is not causing you trouble!

The english paper piecing pattern on first picture is the Spring Stitching Club is by Mollie Johanson from her shop Wild Olive on Etsy.
The Flower design on the towel is from the book pictured on both photos: Beautiful Stitches by Susan Bates .... this is her website.


También es mi estación favorita el Otoño, además apetece más laborear y estar en casa, muy bonitos tus trabajos
Beca said…
Chai tea must be your creativity fuel. It's coffee for me. :)
xx Beca