Snow People Bluework, Done!

Here is the completed Bluework kitchen towel! It was fun and quick, mainly all back stitching with a few: straight stitches (e.g. scarf),  french knots (e.g. buttons and eyes), open chain stitches (e.g. flower earmuffs), satin stitches (e.g. red heart), fly stitches (e.g. hat's feather), and blanket stitches (e.g. hat's ribbon, mitten's wrists).
The smiles on this snow couple can be a bit confusing... what do you think?  It is almost like they have no other choice, but to serve as birds' perches, so they may as well try to enjoy it. LOL. What's your take?
I'm so tempted to start another monochromatic embroidery, but first may have to complete a couple of the projects already in progress.
Have a nice weekend! Until next time!


Kristina said…
Oh my, that is so cute.
Kristina... Thanks!
Que bonito bordado, me encanta ese tono de azul!!!
Glenda said…
What a cute snow-couple! That color of blue is gorgeous.

EL RINCON DE CHELO, ... Gracias!

Glenda, ... Thanks!