Needlework Corner

Awhile back I mentioned that my crafty area set up in the basement wasn't quite done. Thankfully in our master bedroom we have a very large armoire that was only half full with bed linens. Re-arranged the linens closet, moved some of the bedsheets and blankets in the armoire to the linens closet, only leaving a few that couldn't fit. 
I was able to fit some of my projects and stash (e.g. supplies, materials, books, notions) in the armoire, mainly of hand embroidery, english paper piecing, and cross stitch. 
There is still room in the armoire for more crafty stuff if the need be ;-).
As you can see, when sitting, my needlework Daylight lamp is on my right side, on my left side I have a sewing machine portable caddy filled with some of my current hand embroidery work-in-progress projects, and extra skeins of embroidery thread. 
I'm pretty happy with this makeshift set up, it is working great! Plus  my knees thank me for not having to be up and down the basement's stairs every time I may need something.
Have a great weekend! Until next time! 


Kristina said…
What a lovely area to work. I do not have a "craft" room as I had in past homes. I had plans to make an empty upstairs bedroom one, but the stairs were an issue for me.
joeycraftworkz said…
looks comfortable!

Kristina, ...Thanks! Stairs are an issue indeed.

Joey Wong, ...Thanks!
Kim said…
Nice spot! Looks so comfortable and inviting!

Kimberly-Nutbrown Cottage, ...Thanks!