Time for a Break!

I'll be taking a break for a couple of weeks from updating this blog. We need to wrap up the first homeschooling semester, and get ready for the second semester. It is time for kids' round of visits to the various doctors. Thankfully although in winter, we are having some days in which it will be in the 70's,.... crazy I know, but I'll take it! Easier for me to move around doing all those errands when it is warm.
So I leave you with this little guy that I don't think I've posted about before. It was stitched awhile back on the work-in-progress hand embroidered lap quilt.  

When taking the picture I noticed that I forgot to stitched the edge of the table, oops!
That's all for now, be well! Until next time!

Pattern is Aunt Martha's embroidery transfer no.3243 Bruno the Bear.


Connie said…
Sweet little bear . . . I love hand work, seeing what others make and working on pieces myself.
Have a sweet break.

Connie, ...Thanks! I love seeing your embroideries too!