Snow People Bluework

Started this kitchen towel couple of days ago. Was motivated by a post on Rsislandcrafts Blog dated Jan. 9, 2019... she started stitching a snowman from Bird Brain Designs and the design is so cute. I've been wanting to stitch a snowman on a tea towel, so after reading her entry I went on Amazon and searched for Bird Brain Designs and found one I liked, it is called Snowman Season Bluework and it has 3 different designs. 

I'm using Finca / Presencia Perle cotton size 8 in color no.3319 Dark Baby Blue, and a white flour sack towel from the Colonial Patterns company size 18 by 28. For transferring the design: made a copy of the original design omitting the elements of the pattern I didn't want to use, went over the lines of the design using a Sublime Stitching transfer pen in blue, and finally ironed it on the right lower corner of the towel.

It is so cold out there that my husband has helped me with running errands that are normally part of my routine, so I've had a bit more than the usual time to stitch. Almost finished stitching this towel! The little heart on the hat of the other snowman will be stitched in red ;-).
So happy to be able to use this towel in the kitchen soon! What is your favorite indoor pastime? Well, I better go now... until next time!


Connie said…
Your towels are wonderful. There is nothing nicer than using a flour sack towel, but when they are as pretty as these, you just want to hang them on display :) Love your pretty little polka dot scissors too.
Have a sweet day,
Connie :)
lil red hen said…
Love this! I've done a lot of redwork and have considered bluework. You've inspired me to put a bluework design on a towel with blue stripes on the sides. I think working on some type of quilt activity is my favorite indoor pastime.
Esperanza said…
Pero que trabajos tan bonitos... me encanta el bordado en azul. Un beso muy grande y gracias por pasar por mi casa.
Que bonitos bordados, te van a quedar preciosos!!!
Connie... Thanks! I normally display the vintage ones, if I stitched them myself then they get use. I figure I can always stitch another one to replace it if the need be ;-).

lil red hen... Thanks! Will love to see your towel, whenever you get it done! Hope you are enjoying some quilting too this winter!

Esperanza.... Muchas Gracias!

EL RINCON DE CHELO... Mil Gracias!

Joey Wong... Thanks!