Throwback Tuesday: Stitching Clubs (Picture Heavy)

In no particular order, this post contains a few pictures of the progress I made (awhile back) on three of the four Seasonal Stitching Clubs designed by Mollie Johanson. The only one I haven't stitch yet is the Autumn one. Hopefully I printed it, because my old desktop PC died and my old email is gone too.  These past few days I've been thinking of the Winter Stitching Club, I'm getting a bit antsy to stitch again a few of the motives on that club... so I may have to get it again because I can't find it in my printed stash of patterns :-(. 
Anyhow, perhaps you may like to know that Mollie is hosting a new Stitching Club on her blog. It is a marmalade/jam one called Jam of the Month Club... the first design is out and the project lay out for the EPP mini quilt and pattern pieces. You may want to go check it out! Mollie's blog: Wildolive.
Above Winter. Below Summer, lots of cute ones on summer!

Above and below, Summer

Above and below, Spring.

Above and below, Winter. Pictures aren't that great but hopefully you can still see how cute these designs are. I was actually working on these, in bed, while recovering from surgery few years ago. (That cardinal wearing a scarf.... how cute is that!).

Above and below, Winter. Too much cuteness! (Also below, the Laundry Hen from an Aunt Martha's pattern.)

Above Winter, below Spring. So many cute ones on the Spring club as well!

Above and below, Spring. (Also above, a design from an Aunt Martha's transfer.)
Finally, the daffodil and bird from the Spring Stitching Club. The butterfly is not from the Spring Stitching Club but from a different design by Mollie as well. 
Need to continue working on these projects! All hand sewn, portable and not complicated. 
If you decide to stitch-along with Mollie, let me know so I can go and take a peek at your progress ;-)! Till next time!

Non-affiliated links:
Mollie's shop Wildolive on Etsy... and her blog
Aunt Martha's transfers webstore: Colonial Patterns
Fabrics are from Jo-ann fabric and craft store.


lil red hen said…
Lots of beautiful designs, so well done!
Kristina said…
Beautiful work once again. I wish I had more time for something like that, but alas I do not. Some day though. Have a fantastic week.
Connie said…
What a delightful project . . .it's going to be a treasure, so pretty:)
I love the embroidery work in the centers of your hexie flowers.
lil red hen and Connie ... Thanks! Mollie's designs are so cute!

Kristina ... precious time, we all could use a bit more ;-). English paper piecing is very relaxing, and portable. Very economical too, if using scraps of fabrics from repurposing pieces of clothing or old linens, and making your own paper pieces. One flower a month could turn into a lovely Grandmother's Garden quilt in few years ;-).
joeycraftworkz said…
Stunning!! I wanted to take my own sweet time to do but always have other projects to take over.
Joey Wong... Thanks! I know, so much to stitch, so little time!