Back In The Stitchy Saddle

It definitely was a long unplanned break,... but now is time for a stitchy blog update! 
On the Count Your Blessings cross stitch project not much progress, but progress nonetheless. At least the house is up, now starting to fill it up along with the grass. Just taking my own time with this one. I'm learning a lot on this design, especially learning to keep the stitches tidier in the back, and that stiffed Aida is not my favorite fabric to stitch on. Will definitely use a soft Aida for my next cross stitch project. Cross stitching is not relaxing in my opinion, however I do enjoy seeing the design come to life little by little.
Remember my personal, long term, embroidery project using Aunt Martha's iron on embroidery transfers? (A little refresher here.) I picked it back up few days ago, and it felt so good! Simple and cheery, nostalgic and dreamy, cozy and meditative, choosing whatever patterns, colors and stitches that tickle my fancy. Very relaxing and therapeutic indeed, it definitely puts a smile on my face when I'm working on it... so will be keeping it out and work on it here and there. 
Until next time! Be well!

Count Your Blessings cross stitch design by Country Cottage Needleworks.
Aunt Martha's iron-on hand embroidery transfer no.675 Bunny Rabbit.


Kristina said…
I love Aunt Martha's iron on patterns. I have many to make this winter too.
Hi Kristina! Yes, I love them too, I'm so glad the AM's transfers are still around! Looking forward to your future embroidery projects!
lil red hen said…
Lovely work as usual! I don't enjoy counted cross stitching anymore, maybe because of "old" eyes, but regular embroidery is pleasant.
Anonymous said…
Do you ever wonder where the stitchy peeps who blogged back in the days of yore went to? Peeps like barncat, wrenandstitchy, stitchy stitcherson, bookwormbethie, doe-c-doe, and so many more?
lil red hen .... Thanks! Totally agree, hand embroidery is truly pleasant!
Anonymous... I wonder if you were also one? ;-)
Anonymous said…
Good guess. Indeed I am. It's so weird how we all just disappear from stitchy Internet Land.
Anonymous... I guess you are making a subtle comeback! ;-D
Glenda said…
I find cross-stitch less relaxing than surface embroidery, as well, but I still do both! My vision makes cross-stitch more challenging, though. 14-ct Aida is about the smallest I can work on anymore.

I was not the anonymous commenter, but I, too, wonder about others who were bloggers back in 2007-2009 and thereabouts =). I keep up with stitchystitcherson on instagram....she's still doing beautiful needlework.

Glenda, ... I undestand! So good 14 count is readily available. For now I'm content with Aida as well, although I'm liking the softer kind I find at 123 Stitch.
I used to be on IG, where there was tons of hand embroidery eye candy... but for me and my circumstances, it was very time consuming to keep up with, so I deleted my account. I like having everything a bit more organized by means of blog entries ;-).