Home Sampler Progress

Really enjoying stitching on this sampler! Home Sampler by Kathy Schmitz.

Not following the Stitch Along order of stitches. My brain likes starting and ending an area before moving to the next. Even though I could do the stabbing method while doing the Stem Stitch using an embroidery hoop, I'm finding it easier to do the sewing method even with the hoop. 

The three top rectangles are done, also did the H in the center,  sorry forgot to take pictures before putting it away for the day. Being familiar with all the stitches used, and the fact that I'm using perle cotton in one color (no having to divide threads or having to choose colors) makes this pretty easy to embroider. Will post another update soon! 

Non-affiliated link:
Kathy Schmitz Home Sampler on her Etsy shop.


Mary said…
Very pretty.

Mary... Thank you! Tried leaving a comment on your blog but for some reason it didn't post.
Anonymous said…
bookmarked!!, I love your website!

Anonymous... Thanks!