Count Your Blessings Update and Stash Enhancements

There was a lot going on this month, there wasn't much time for blogging. Hoping you all are doing well, and thanks to those of you that stopped by and to those of you that left comments!
Thankfully I'm practically done with my personal goal for volunteer work hours, and we were able to commemorate de most important event of the year! Afterwards there were a few stressful days (homeschool year approaching its end, and personal health issues, missing loved ones, furnishing guest room, very sick kids, doubling up on keeping house as free of germs as possible, etc.). Now that things are calming down, I was able to do a bit of stitch therapy. Added some more stitches to the "Count Your Blessings" cross stitch design... cottage done, grass is almost done, one tree is in the making. Lots of progress compared to the last time I posted about it here.

Did a bit of retail therapy as well... blaming it on those stressful few days. Better go now, I'm in the process of making a chicken salad for brunch sandwiches... yummy! 
Be well! Until next time!