A Cross Stitch Goal

The Anniversary by Lila's Studio

Spring storms rolling have me all achy and sore. Got up, fixed me a  pour over coffee with vanilla almond creamer, to see if I can get my engine going. Might have to pop some meds to help me get today's chores done, of course, not with an empty stomach. Still not much stitching, however this past Sunday I did make a tiny bit of progress on my Aunt Martha's lap quilt project... didn't take any pictures though. Will try to remember for next time.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this picture above. My older daughter says that she will like to work on this design little by little and have it ready to gift to her dad and I as our present for next year's anniversary.  I've originally purchased this design and kitted it up to stitch it with that same purpose in mind, however will let my daughter work on it and see what happens. My cross stitch fever is slowly starting again (thanks to recently watching a bit of flosstube), hopefully I'll get to finish my current cross stitch WIP.
It's been neglected for too long now. Below is where I'm at.
I better get going now! May you have a wonderful week ahead!


Beca said…
and a wonderful weekend wish to you too. ♥
xx Beca
Bonito trabajo!!