Pre-printed Cross Stitch

Summer is in full swing! We are keeping busy non-stop, well maybe with a few days sprinkled in between to just sit home and rest... especially during that heat wave we experienced recently. 
I've been paying more attention to this pre-printed cross stitch kit lately.

Non-stress stitching since there is no counting involved. No Counting! For stitch placement there is a number/color key that is very easy to follow, so I do not loose count amid all the "distractions" (tv, conversations, kids, cooking, travel, etc.). There was no way I could have attempted this design with so many color changes and larger in size than the few counted cross stitch ones I've have as work-in-progress projects.

The threads I must admit are a polyester or at least they feel like a blend of cotton-polyester. However, they are not slippery. I do use them in short lengths as when working with DMC, to avoid to some extent getting them all fuzzy. The threads come with numbers that correspond to DMC floss, so if I decide to substitute these threads for DMC I could easily do so. The printed chart could also be counted cross-stitched on your choice of fabric.

An enlarged cross stitch color chart of the design, printed in glossy paper, is included. It also comes with a sheet of simple instructions inside a reusable clear thin plastic envelope. It also includes needles.
I have it on my NS4 lap stand on a 11" by 11" Q-snap, and when not stitching the rest of the things needed are kept inside one of the file zippered mesh bags.

Just FYI ... I found this one on Amazon, there are various kinds available. This one was a Prime one so it was shipped and delivered quickly. Another one I ordered was sent from outside the US, still arrived before the estimated time.
Once we start with school again, then I think I'll continue working on my counted-cross stitch projects, but for now this pre-printed no counting one will do ;-).


lil red hen said…
Very, very pretty! I haven't cross stitched in years!
How do you plan to use this piece when it's finished?
Connie said…
This is an art form that I would never try . . . oh wait I said that about quilting and look at me now. Never say never. You do amazing work and I think it is beautiful. I just don't think that I would have the patience for such fine detail.