Fall Is In The Air

 Going thru old photos and wanted to repost a few.
Fall is in the air around here!
 I think my hand embroidery bug is bitting again.
Will I or will I not? Haven't touch my hand embroidery needle in 
some time. Was working on some cross stitch, but as of late.
A lot going on around here. Hopefully things settle a bit soon.
Until next time!

PS: I've tried leaving comments on some blogs, but the comment format on some blogs does not post my comment for some reason.


I like your zinnia pattern and love the fall embroidery photos!!! Very pretty indeed!
Bonitos trabajos, el Otoño es mi estación favorita, besos

Michele McLaughlin ... Thank you!!! ;-)

Ohhh I love the idea of an embroidered band on the tea towels, what a lovely touch.

If you are reading the blogs in "bloglovin" there is a very pale blue/grey "X" in the top right corner. If you click that "X" then you will be able to comment. Some have it - some don't - but it always works for me on the blog posts that have the "X". Hope that helps - otherwise I have no idea.