The Little Things

Last night my "sprouts" and I had a Sit-n-Stitch Evening. It's been quite some time since our last time. The hand embroidery lap quilt project is calling me, however, for some reason felt like adding some more stitches on this cute little piece I started few months ago (here). Small cross stitch sampler "Summer Splendor" by Little House Needleworks. So happy to have been able to put a few stitches in without much trouble from holding things with my hands. Red is my most favorite color, it cheers me up! I think that is why I decided to work on this particular project.

Below is a simple no bake pie, using simple ingredients. Recipe is from Publix (link at the end of this post). Very delicious! I love the mix in flavors and textures in this pie. The small one on the right is modified, using crushed GF cookies as crust, for my GF child. Easy to put together with your kids! We made this recipe this past Sunday afternoon. The only thing I will do different next time is add one more container of raspberries, yum. The girls and I are also already brainstorming on fruit and flavor variations for next time! 

I had a few rough days with this last flare. Couldn't even hold anything long enough to complete any task. On one particular day even holding the toothbrush with a light grip was painful, had to pause a few times to rest my hand. That was just the beginning of a day where it was a real struggle trying to perform everyday simple tasks. 

So thankful for a very understanding and helpful family! By last night my hands felt much better, so I was grateful to be able to stitch for a bit. Got that tiny house filled in and started the roof! Remember I'm a cross stitch newbie, so please don't snub my stitches ;-).

Autumnal sunsets are spectacular! Aren't they? They honestly take my breath away!
So many little things to be grateful for, not only for a day or two, but daily. The little things that remind me of what really matters in life, and not to take things for granted. That are a constant reminder to give my best everyday, live a life in a way that genuinely shows, not in words but in deeds, that I truly adore the Giver of it all! 

Non-affiliated link:
Publix's Chocolate Raspberry Pie Recipe