Vintage Aunt Martha's Embroidery Transfer Designs

Warm thoughts of all these previous hand embroideries are resurfacing.

Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers are the best! Have not work on any of my in progress AM's designs in some time. Cross stitching took over for awhile. 
For the past couple of days, a sudden mass of cold air have cause temperatures to drop dramatically around here. That sudden weather change must have brought the cozy warm memories of working on these mostly vintage designs to mind (the rooster is not a vintage design, but part of a Stitcher's Revolutions pattern also by the makers of AM's... the Colonial Pattern Inc.). 

Some of these were hand embroidered onto kitchen towels / tea towels / dish towels . Some on my personal lap quilt project.
May have to bring that one out and keep working on it!
Until next time!

Non-affiliated notes:
All these patterns are from various designs found at
Colonial Patterns Inc. Their website is: .


Preciosos bordados, bonitos diseƱos
Oh these are lovely lovely lovely. I've done several of those patterns myself. I love your organization!
Lovely lovely lovely. I have done some of the same designs. I love your organizing style.

El Rincon de Chelo... muchas gracias!

JoAnn (Scene Through My Eyes)... Thank you!