Birds and Dishes

Sunday was a good day for hand embroidery. Had to take it easy and to distract myself from how I was feeling what better way than stitching. Used a Sublime Stitching's Fine Tip Iron On Pen in green, and ironed it to an Aunt Martha's 18"x28" Flour Sack Dish Towel. Will leave non-affiliated links below just in case you want to check the design, pen, and towels out.

Went the easy route with Bluework. However, choosing which shade of blue thread to use, proved to be a bit more time consuming. After narrowing it down to two, finally decided to go with DMC no.806. Although there are quite a few other projects that require my attention, this cutie cut in line up ahead :-).  An impromptu project that won my heart at present. Surely you know the feeling, right?
Until next time!

Non-affiliated links:
The design was shared by Flickr user: rectangel here
Sublime Stitching's Transfer Pens on her Etsy shop.
Aunt Martha's 18"x28" Flour Sack towels on their website and on Amazon.


lil red hen said…
Beautiful!! I like working with one color of thread; saves a lot of trying to decide colors for each part of the design.
Connie said…
Sew Pretty . . . I love your vintage style and your flour sacks. I am also impressed with your embroidery hoop. That is a new design to me. Do you like it better than the round two piece hoops?
lil red hen ... Thank you! Yes, it does! Unless I start looking at all the shades and hues of a color, LOL.

Connie ...Thanks! It is called a q-snap. Square or rectangular frame( made out of pvc I think), and it has 4 plastic clamps that snap over the fabric to hold it tight on the frame. It is easier to grab (if you suffer from pain in your hands) however, it is not as light as a regular embroidery hoop.