TBT: Daisychain ABC Sampler

This sampler became an unfinished project :-( . I'm not very proud of that. Still like the colors and the design, so it should be easy to get back to it, right? Why my needlework attention span is so short? Perhaps I should make a list. How do you get motivated to pick up old projects and finish them? Please do share! 
Spring is already on its way. At least, around here, it seems that way. I do enjoy warmer weather, but it is way early to be dealing with nasal allergies. Allergy season will be longer than usual, I better start my allergy medication soon.
Hoping you are all well! 
PS: Still not able to comment on blogs that use Google's comment box, only with those with Blogger's comment form. Not idea why.
However be sure that I'm still enjoy stopping by and keeping up with your blog updates!

Non-affiliated link:
Alicia Paulson's store: Daisychain Sampler.


Kim said…
That one looks like a fun project. I am totally focused on one cross stitch project right now. (Very unlike me) Not sure why. Maybe I just really, really like doing it? I also have many old unfinished projects, sad to say.
Jenny said…
Yes I make a list of six UFOs, then roll the dice and work on whatever number rolls up. Works for me.
Connie said…
That sampler is going to be amazing when you get it done. I'm not a good example . . . I'm just now finishing a quilt I started 35 years ago. That's right 35 years LOL. I hope your project doesn't take you that long.
Kim ...yes, when one is into a project it is hard to put it aside!
I guess ufo's are inevitable.

Jenny ...how fun! Nice that works for you!

Connie ...perhaps yours is that one project that becomes a lifetime project ;-).
Mine is 8 years old.
Denise :) said…
This is really a pretty piece! But I totally understand. I dart between projects and struggle with ones that take a little more time to finish. But gosh, this is SO pretty!! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog post! :)
Raewyn said…
This is a lovely stitchery - I'm sure you'll enjoy getting back into it again. Thee are so many great designs and ideas out there,it's very easy to get distracted with new projects.
Denise :) ...Thanks for the compliments!

Raewyn ...Thanks! Yes, totally agree!