Another TBT: Spring English Paper Piecing and Hand Embroidery Project

Thank you so much for those of you who left comments sharing your two cents with me ;-)! I think this might be the year of dusting unfinished projects and doing my best to complete them.

Here is another project that I've blogged about awhile back. I really like the process of English Paper Piecing, and love how it looks mixed with hand embroidery! This particular one is to become a lap quilt for one of my daughters. Designed by Mollie Johanson, but I modified it a bit by adding some other embroidery designs from other patterns by Mollie. The original pattern has 12 or 13 mini embroidery designs (can't recall exactly at the moment) and I needed more to complete 24 EPP hexagon flowers. May still add a few more mini embroideries from other sources to make the lap quilt larger.

It has been worked while traveling with my family through the East Coast. It has been worked while in various rooms/areas of our previous home. Since we moved it has been put away, waiting for me to pay attention to it once more.

Things are finally calming down in my household, my other half had his surgery couple of weeks ago and he's recuperating slowly but steadily... thankfully! While things are a bit less hectic, perhaps I should let this project see the light again ;-).

Slow Stitching is a thing. It provides calmness, meditation, peace, joy, patience. Maybe it should come out along with the Daisychain sampler from the previous blog post. 

Plus the colors are gentle and happy, very springy indeed! Yes, I've convinced myself! Once I post this will go find them and leave them out on my stitchy area in plain sight so I remember to pick them up every now and then through out the rest of the week. Whenever I can sneak a bit of stitching.
Until next time! Be well!

PS: EPP design is by Mollie Johanson, in her Wildolive Etsy 
store here.


R's Rue said…
Jenny said…
Very pretty colours to go with those darling little embroideries. There's nothing like a bit of slow stitching to calm us and make us happy.
lil red hen said…
The designs are delightful and the colors are so perfect to put with them!
R's Rue ... Thank you!

Jenny ...Thanks! Yes, slow stitching is the perfect therapy.

lil red hen ...Thank you!