Homey Stitchy Day and Freebie

So guess what?! Did get out the EPP and Daisychain projects, and today I plan to work a bit on them (inserting a happy dance here). 
The picture above it is not directly related to my projects, however it does portray cottages and needlework (homey and stitchy). 
It'll be an outcast/rainy kind of day, kids will be busy with their online school work, older kid will be making a family size salad for lunch. No major chores today... just a small laundry load of my husband's formal dress shirts to throw in the washer, and we have yesterday's leftovers for today's dinner. All is set. While stitching will most likely listen to spiritually enriching mp3s. 

Might even stay in my pj's,... love being home! Before leaving, here is a vintage embroidery pattern I've previously shared. 

Hoping you are all able to enjoy your day! Until next time!


Denise :) said…
Cute teapot stitchery! Thanks for sharing ... and thanks for stopping by my 'place'!! :)
Raewyn said…
Sounds like a lovely home day - hope you enjoy it! The wee bird stitchery is very cute!
Denise ... It was my pleasure!

Raewyn ...Thank you!