Bummed Out

I was so excited to continue working on this project (same one posted previously), and I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FABRIC :-(. This fabric was from Joann, purchased about 6 years ago. Checked on Ebay and Etsy just to see if someone have listed it trying to destash, but no success. Not sure what I will do. Was thinking that perhaps making a few EPP hexie flowers in coordinating solids... what do you think? Feeling so bummed. 


Ange McAlister said…
I think coordinating solids would be lovely and would make the prints stand out even more. I so enjoy receiving your emails in my inbox, my sister. They are a bright spot of sunshine in my day.
Ange McAlister ...Awww, (blushing) what a sweet compliment!
Thank you for the reassurance on choosing solids! When I get a chance may have to stop by the fabric store with a few scraps samples to choose a few solids.
Anonymous said…
I think I may have some of this material. How much would you need? J
J (Anonymous) ... Ended up going for a variety of complimentary solid colors, so it should be fine. Thank you very much for offering to help!