M U G Shots ;-)

Although I will drink tea in any nice clean mug, drinking it in a cute mug makes me feel a bit more special ;-).  For tea my preference is for more delicate mugs compared to the ones I'll use  for coffee. So here are a few oldie (but goodie) previously posted pictures... we are going down mug memory lane.

How do you prefer your drinking vessel to be?  


lil red hen said…
I don't drink coffee but I do drink green tea. I have a special little insulated cup I drink from; it's certainly nothing pretty but I like the feel of it against my lips. :)
lil red hen ...Yes, I totally understand! I don't like the feel of mugs with thicker rims. Thanks for stopping by! I've been keeping up with your posts, but google comment box doesn't post my comments for some reason. Hoping that one day I'll be able to figure that out.
Sandra said…
I enjoyed your post today. Love seeing some of your works in progress; and having a pretty tea mug makes the pictures all the nicer. I love tea and drink some daily. You have some wonderful projects that you are working on; or have worked on in the past. Thank you for sharing.
Connie said…
Prettiest mug shots I've even seen :)
Unos preciosos bordados!! y maravillosas las fotografías
Sandra ... Thank you for your compliments and for stopping by!

Connie ...Thank you!

Andrea Charles said…
Seriously!! I loved all your mugs and, the ongoing stitching works as well. It was a beautiful display of art. What captivated my attention is the display of colors in each picture. Every photo had the right combination of elements and colors. I hope to see your works in the upcoming posts. Great job, dear!!