Japanese Embroidery Books: Lovely Florals

Decided to gift myself a few stash additions to enhance my Japanese embroidery book library. 
These were the ones that made it to my personal library.
All these inside peeks are of just 3 of the 5 books.
So many cute floral designs!
They look simple to recreate. A completely hand embroidered page will look great displayed on a table frame on top of a chest near our front door.
A fun and cute one here, look at that gardener piggy!
Even though I wasn't able to stitch these past few days, I'm definitely day dreaming about it. Starting to get some of my embroidery projects ready in order to continue working on them. By mid March I should be good to go... or so I hope.
Until next time! Be well!


lil red hen said…
That's a lot of beautiful embroidery work! Hope to see some you've done from these books.
lil red hen ... Thanks! I enjoyed flipping thru books with pretty embroidery. I too hope to be able to work on something from these books.