English Paper Piecing Dilemma: Solved

Finally was able to make it to our local quilt shop to find the fabric I needed to continue working on this English paper piecing project. This was my first time visiting the shop since our moved to this area. Couldn't browse long because my family was patiently waiting for me in the car, we had just come out of our meeting for worship and the kids and hubby were ready for physical nourishment. Decided to go with those three solid colors. My plan is to alternate between these solids, with what is left from this project's fabric prints. 

Need to get these cuts of fabric ready, before continuing with the fun part of basting and joining hexagons. Maybe I can get it done before the weekend. Also need to finish hand embroidering the rest of the centers. No more being bummed by the initial setback... now I'm very excited to continue working on this lap quilt!Today my older daughter and I have plans to meet with some friends and spend the day doing volunteer work. Once home will prepared a quick dinner and afterwards we have family night, so I don't think there will be time to get these cuts of fabric ready today. 
Perhaps tomorrow ;-). 
Take care, until next time! 
PS: Blogger is acting funny, my blog entry is not posting as drafted :-( . Sigh. 

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Sandra said…
The added solid color fabrics you chose go perfect with your printed fabrics. I look forward to seeing your progress.
Kim said…
Perfect choices! Love them!
Jenny said…
Your new purchases will play so nicely with the other fabric you are working with. I like the idea of embroidered blocks here and there.