Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hand Piecing Block #1 Nine Patch

Remember this post? Well, the desire to start hand-piecing was strong enough,... this above is Block #1 Nine Patch. It didn't go without a few hiccups along the way. Instead of following the advice provided for making templates and marking fabric. I decided to print my block onto freezer paper, cut out all the shapes, iron them on fabric, trace around templates, etc. . For my second block I think I'll follow instructions :-) and see how it goes.
This is how my work space looked during the process of making block #1. How nice that everything came from my stash :-). No trips to the fabric store,... can't believe myself... LOL! But I'm glad because at this moment I'm trying to downsize a bit my craft items and only getting those crafty goodies that are really needed and/or pertaining to types of needlework that I want to focus on and become good at.
Going back to the aforementioned hiccups, the photo below shows the completed block after my 1st attempt. Things didn't align properly :-(. This bothered me enough to use my seam ripper and try again, after all it was only that corner and not the entire block.
Ended up flipping the piece of fabric to one of the other two seams that weren't finger-pressed and trying again,... this time with a better result. Not perfect but I'm happy with it.
I'm not sure if I'll be doing all the blocks but whichever blocks I choose to do will for sure help me to get my hand-piecing skills going. Perhaps, eventually I could feel confident to tackle a bigger project that I've been wanting to do for a few years now, a hand pieced quilt from the book: The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. ISBN-13: 978-0896898288. 
Until next time!

Notes: All links are non-affiliated. The block pattern and tutorial are created and provided by Wynn at Zakka Art blog as part of an 18 weeks Hand Sew Patchwork sew-along, with inspiration from this Japanese patchwork book./ Stumpwork embroidered flower on 1st picture is from Stumpwork Flowers book by Sashiko Morimoto, ISBN-13: 9781844489459.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Modifications To My Shop

Happy to inform that now I am accepting a variety of forms of payments on my Etsy Shop besides PayPal :-)! Even Etsy Gift Cards! I think it was about time. Especially since in two weeks or so I'll be putting up several items on my shop at bargain prices. There are going to be some big changes in our household. We will be advancing towards reaching a couple of family goals and I need to detach (de-stash... Lol). Lots of excitement!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Daisychain ABC's Sampler Update

Stopping briefly to post a bit of progress made on my Daisychain Sampler;  Letters G, H, I, and J are finished. Working with crewel wool is satisfying... the embroidery goes fast. Half of letter G and the other three letters were completed on a late evening, couple of weeks ago. Here are a few previous posts in which I made reference to this sampler. Until next time! 

Notes: Daisychain ABC's Crewel Sampler is a pattern by Alicia Paulson. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hand Piecing Patchwork Blocks (SAL Heads Up)

Did you know that Wynn from Zakka Art is hosting a very nice #handsewpatchwork Sew-A-Long? 
(picture below: screen shot from Zakka Art blog)

Anyone is welcome to follow along and do all or some of the blocks. It will run for 18 weeks so they'll be 18 blocks, she just posted the 7th block this past Monday. The fact that they are all hand pieced is what got my attention. I took a hand piecing class in 2010 and shortly after I tried hand piecing a block from the Farmer's Wife Quilt book. It's supposed to be a basket block but the handle was a bit challenging so I left it out :-).
(picture below: my Farmer's Wife Quilt book hand pieced basket block)

The inspiration for Wynn's Hand-Sew-Along comes from a Japanese patchwork book. Wynn drafts a block pattern which it's provided about once a week with helpful tips and advice, picture tutorials and even a few short instructional videos. Wynn's very first post regarding this sew along is here in case you like to take a peek and once there you should be able to find all the related posts and block patterns so far.

(picture above: Ohio Star block from Hand Piecing Class 2010)
I haven't made any of the blocks yet but that may change once August is over :-), at least I will like to try hand piecing some of the blocks and sharpen my hand piecing skill(s) which might be a bit rusty. Everything needed are a few basic hand sewing tools/notions, the free block pattern provided, and fabric all of which I already have on hand. 
Have you ever done any hand piecing? Like it, hate it or a bit of both? Any tips and advice? Please, do share!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Basting Hexagons

  Basting hexagons for English Paper Piecing (aka: EPP) is relaxing! A couple of nights ago -thanks to my not so dear friend insomnia- I was able to finish basting the hexies that will become the petals. My Summer and Winter hexagons were basted with needle and thread, this time around I've been glue basting all the hexagons that will become petals and thread basting those that will be for flower centers.

  Now I need to finish the hand embroidery on the pieces of fabric that belong in the center of the hexie flowers, rinse them to remove the water soluble stabilizer, let them dry, give them a nice press with the iron, and baste them. Will love to have all 12 EPP Spring hexie flowers pieced before autumn. We'll see!
Hmmm, just realized that I may have not posted a picture of my Winter finished hexie flowers yet. Will do soon!

  Thanks for the recent visits and comments! Hoping to be able to catch up soon with y'all posts. FMS is really hindering what I can do this month for my volunteer work so I'm just alternating the way I normally do things in order to have my share, with the byproduct of a joyful heart and peace of mind. 
Have a great week!

Notes: The patterns I'm stitching on the pictures above are part of Mollie Johanson's Spring Stitching Club at Wild Olive on Etsy.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Heartache (Off Topic Post)

This post is not about needlecrafts. It's about how my heart is aching after reading UNC's Dr. W. Ficher's II descriptive emails on the terrible Ebola epidemic affecting and taking away the lives of entire families.     ... especially the emails from June 2nd onward.
We have dear ones in some of the affected areas, (all doing well so far) taking extreme measures to avoid getting sick. We are so thankful that they are fine but my heart is in pieces from knowing that many others (unborn babies, pregnant woman, children, mothers, fathers, entire families,) are not. 
We look forward to the time when this words at Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled.
May you and your loved ones be well!
Until next time!
PS: Drawing above made by my oldest few months ago. Drawing description: my two daughters enjoying each other's company while admiring a beautiful starry night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Laundry Hen

Few days ago I was able to finally finish stitching Mrs. Laundry Hen (and made progress on some of my other WIP's, more on those later). The only thing I'm regretting now is the woven fusible backing ironed on the back, see those 'bubbles' ack, ... but, oh well, live and learn. Hoop marks still there, haven't ironed it yet. The last few stitches were for completing the laundry section, the grass, and flowers.
At the last minute I had to make changes to my goals for this month do to not feeling well and I'm ok with that,... so glad that with help, last month was a good one! 
Listening to upbuilding material as I hand embroider or as I work on English Paper Piecing serves as therapy for me. I think, that very soon, my therapeutic stitching sections will become frequent.
What is therapy for you?

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was able to reach July's goals and fulfilled my commitments successfully. It was challenging, exhausting, but so rewarding! August will be another month full of activity, with a less crowded schedule, thankfully. Did manage to do some embroidery and maybe next time I'll show-and-tell a bit.

Sudden weather changes exacerbate my condition so I'm just doing basic simple chores today. A pot of homemade soup on the stove and then to dream of the 'more serious kind of embroidery'. Trish Burr's Needlepainting books are my favorites, pulled some out from my personal embroidery library and let the dreaming begin :-)!

Yes. Someday... . Somehow... .

Until Next Time!

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