The Nesting Place Class Progress (Part Two)

Yes! I'm done with Lesson #1!
By the time you read this, I probably will be getting ready
to start with Lesson #2.
 Here are a few pictures of the process...
outlining of 2nd bird finished and starting to fill in.
 Filling in the shape and shading.
 2nd bird plumage finished!
I switched to blue wool for the wing accents instead of red wool.
Didn't stitch the legs on this second bird for this 1st lesson.
I think I did a bit better with the smoothness of the belly 
area of this bird compared to the first one.
Still I feel I need more practice in shading and in not 
overcrowding stitches.
 I admit it is not perfect, there are a few mistakes.
However, I'm happy with it and my motto is to learn from 
my mistakes and in the case of embroidery it helps me 
to have those mistakes visible in order to be better
next time... plus I hate to rip stitches (unless it is truly necessary).
This is what works for me which I know it is not the case
for everyone.
Well, as I said... Lesson #1 is finished,
Lesson #2 and #3 should be a breeze compare to this one!
Hope y'all having fun on your crafty/stitchy projects!