Quilt Project Progress (Blocks 4 and 5)

Here is my progress on my Quilt Project.
Only one more block to go for this month!
 Below is a picture of what I accomplished while 
waiting at carpool.
For me, the best pastimes while waiting at carpool
are: listening/reading to spiritually enriching material,
stitching and napping ;-).
 A couple of close ups of cute girly puppy
(love her tiny bow) and...
of cute little duckling (he looks so happy and determine).
I hope to finish soon with my 3rd block for this month! 
I also completed Lesson #1 of 
Working on final stitches of my Lilipopo's pattern and I'm
about to start with the 1st princess of Lilipopo's 
free Stitch Along.
Will post about these wip's and/or finishes soon!