Sunday, December 20, 2015

Not Enough Time

I'm so happy that my 3 priority projects are almost done!!! Then I can't wait to finish the quilts for my girls and the one for my mom (yes, I'm in the hall of shame), so thankful that my two sisters and older niece are helping me to embroider the blocks!!! 
However, I can't wait to start new projects... so tempted! So much to stitch, so little time. Must exercise self-control. I'm serious this time, unless some of my "on the back burner" projects get finished no new projects will be started. Perhaps that'll be my motivation to work my way up my pile of projects. How do you motivate yourself to work through your projects? 
Until then, sipping on chai while peeking into my books and dreaming with my future projects is totally allowed ;-). 

On another note.... isn't this winter weather a bit "crazy". Supposedly we will be having a couple of days in the 70's (with some rain) this week. Not complaining since I do better with warmer weather, just a bit astounded. 

We don't celebrate the holidays, so I'll be wishing you a beautiful end of December and may you all be in peace with yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors! Until January 2016!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Fly By Hi

Hello everyone! Hope you are well!
Brief post to show you this cute blue bird in flight below, that I stitched while on a recent vacation. Such a cheery pattern! It is part of the Spring Stitching Club by Mollie Johnson. The lovely hand painted cottage ceramic needle minder was made by Cynthia Cranes Pottery.
Regarding my current projects, two of them are almost done and I'm about to start on a 3rd... all three will be sent away to their forever homes. Then I'll concentrate in completing personal projects and starting a couple of new ones ;-). If this winter proves to be as cold as it is promising, there might be lots of stitching going on... or at least that's what I'm planning. May your week be a great one! Until next time!

Non affiliated links:
Spring Stitching Club pattern on Etsy

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Slow and Steady

Slow progress, but nonetheless still progress! 

My redwork project will be completed very soon, then I can send it to live in its forever home. There's a lot of work on this towel. I'm using Multi-Work Cosmo no.858 embroidery thread which is suppose to be colorfast... will soon find out when I rinse it. Hoping my friend likes it and that it goes well with her kitchen decor theme! 

Then to keep making progress on a few little stitcheries I'm sending overseas to a friend, and finally to work on a tea towel for a swap with a friend. I'm just so slow lately, with a tight schedule and regular FM flares it is hard at times to find time or the energy to sit and stitch, however I try to keep reminding myself that "slow and steady" wins the race... just keep stitching!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Japanese Embroidery Books Collection

Some of us enjoy collecting things. Do you? One of my favorite things to collect are Japanese embroidery books, they are so cute! My other favorite collection is of Aunt Martha's embroidery patterns. Perhaps you already knew this about me ;-).
When it comes to Japanese embroider books, I collect them for inspiration, motivation, and just for pure embroidery eye candy! Don't mind at all if I never get to make something from each of my books, in reality that'll be kind of impossible. 
My collection was started the year I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness from which, thanks to God, I'm able to call myself a survivor. During that trial-some time, (besides trying to keep myself built up spiritually, and surrounding myself with family/friends, and lots of positive thoughts) starting this collection gave me something to do and look forward to, especially since I wasn't able to be out and about. So much cuteness and beauty in each page gave me something to dream of that was at reach.
Nowadays living with a chronic illness is challenging, but it's not life threatening... from which I'm so very thankful for! These books keep having the same effect on me, they help with cheering one up a bit when in pain, however I'm not attached. They are just things, and "things" don't give me life and/or love. When I'm not able to participate in volunteer work (which is the activity I truly enjoy the most) these books serve a purpose; a therapeutic distraction from pain, especially when I get to make something from them! 
That's actually what this embroidery hobby is for me.. a therapy! My collection is still growing here and there. I have plans to have some fun making a few projects from some of these books once I complete certain in-the-making projects for some very special friends. In the meantime they keep entertaining me on challenging days, and helping me dream of better times ahead - Isaiah 33:24 / Revelation 21:3,4.
Do you have a special collection(s)? How did it started? Do you see your collection being complete at some point in time? Please do share! ;-) Below are a couple of pictures of the craft section of a visit to a Japanese embroidery book store in NY city. That was in 2011, how I wished I had more time to stay and browse more than what I did that day! Maybe some other time!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

On The Go Projects At Home

Trying to keep up with family responsibilities, house chores, and everything else around here, while dealing with health issues can feel a bit up hill. Having projects ready to go could make things a bit easy,... or so I'm telling myself.
So I will be trying that even when I have to sit by my oldest homeschooler and see if project progress results from it. After all one more multi-tasking skill  ;-) added to a mother's multi-tasking abilities wouldn't hurt... right? And even when I'm feeling unwell if there's a few projects already ready to go, then it'll be easier to pick one up and take it to bed.
Since it's easier to keep up with my daily thoughts on instagram, that's is where I've been posting frequently. However, I do not have the intention of abandoning my blog ;-). I'll see you around! 
(While writing this post the pictures looked horribly blurry... no idea why.)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Family Getaway

For some unknown reason I completely forgot to post about our traditional yearly getaway in a timely manner. 
I'm adding a brief post for record keeping. There's something about the ocean that is very soothing and relaxing... at least for me. Always look forward to our little family getaway! I'm not one to get in the water, but truly enjoy seeing my little ones having fun in it. 
These were the projects I took with me, and up to now, most are still in the works. After all it was all about kids having fun... so this momma did very little stitching ;-).

Notes: This post was actually written on 8/25/2016, but to keep the correct order I'm posting it with a corresponding getaway date of 9/21/2015.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not Quite Yet

August went flying! Wasn't able to sneak in much time for stitching these past few weeks. However, I was able to fit in Mr. Walry below. Isn't him so cute and friendly? Mollie (from Wild Olive) has a stitch-along going on based on her book, and the 1st project was to stitch one of the creatures coming out from a pocket.
I decided to embroider the walrus onto regular quilter's cotton, add a product by Thermo Web called Fabric Fuse on the back, and turned the stitchery into a fabric sticker. Pasted it right on the opening of one of the pockets of this handy dandy Oh Joy! first aid bag from Target and voila! Now Mr. Walry will always greet me when I open the bag to work on a wip. 
As you can see I'm still working on the puppies from the Aunt Martha's embroidery transfer no.9773, in fact the female puppy is practically finished (just the tiny nose left) and I've moved on to the cute little flowers. Haven't started on the next flower for my mom's quilt yet. I'm trying to complete this kitchen towel and the redwork wip, before moving on. So next time I stop by I hope to have one of those previously mentioned projects done! Until next time!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Slow Summer Stitching

Loving summer! More outings, fewer sick days,… bliss! Although currently I'm on a flare, I'm hoping it passes by quickly! This past Sunday we lost a very dear friend to a rare and aggressive type of cancer. She was my spiritual sister, but also a trusted friend and mentor, a roll model, an integrity keeper, a caring/kind/loving friend… she was like a mother to me. I will miss her immensely,... until we meet again! (Rev. 21:3, 4 / John 5:29)
Redirecting to a more positive mood. There's 2 projects for gift giving that I've been trying to spend some time with (here and there). 
This one...
and this one!
Perhaps the flare will force me to slow down and spend some time stitching! ;-)
Sneaked in this little guy just to make my stitchy routine interesting and above all to put a smile on my youngest cute face, koalas are getting her attention at the moment. You don't want to know how many times I've had to wash her koala pj's because that's practically all she wants to wear all the time while in the house. This little guy is from the Stitch Love book by Mollie Johanson. (I previously posted a brief review on it here.)
Need to go now, perhaps this time I won't be absent from the blog for to long… perhaps. Next time will try to show you how things are going with the embroidered flowers for my mom's lap quilt, or some other interesting stitchy bit that may pop in. Until later! Be well!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Daisychain ABC Sampler

It's been awhile since my last progress update on this project.
Happy to report that letters K to P are now complete! Yippee!
I have quite a few work-in-progress (wip) projects that need my attention. A few are new projects for gift giving, the rest are mostly for my family. 
We've been enjoying summer! I love me some nice hot weather (with humidity and all). My fibromyalgia flares are less, still get them, but the intensity is not as severe as in winter. Being able to get out more, take the kids to have fun, and just feel "good"…. priceless! Hoping your summer or winter is going great!!! 

Non-affiliated links: Daisychain sampler pattern from Alicia Paulson.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Carnation, Done!

Finally done with the Carnation! Now moving on to the next flower of the month, the Calendula.
We are keeping busy around here, summer is a very busy season. Hoping your summer is going great! Until next time!
Pattern is no. 3813 Aunt Martha's Flower of the Month by Colonial Patterns.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hand Embroidered Towel - Kittens

Among the most recent projects are a couple of kitchen towels I'm hand embroidering for a newlywed couple as a housewarming gift.
The 1st towel has a cute pair of kitties in love. This towel is already done. Working on the 2nd one soon, and will show pictures of the finished towels once they make it to their final destinations. Hopefully in a week or two I'll be able to send them away!
These pictures (above and below) show the very beginnings of this towel. I'm using Aunt Martha's no.9773 Love in Bloom* and Dunroven towels*.
Around here things are still very busy. I try to squeeze time here and there for my embroidery projects... you know, to keep sane. This is especially true when having to deal with fibromyalgia flares, like these past few days. At times it gets so bad that I don't even feel like stitching or doing anything for that matter... thankfully, feeling a bit better now!
The 2nd towel is the cute pair of puppies! Stay tuned for a peek!

*Notes: Non-afiliated links,... just sharing!
Aunt Martha's no.9773 Love in Bloom from Colonial Patterns.
Dunroven kitchen towels from Quilter's Studio.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Very little. April flew by and I wasn't able to make significant progress on my wip's, but I knew that was going to happen and I'm ok with that. 
This month will be as busy as April if not more.... especially since we are approaching the end of our online/homeschool year and even though my dd is ahead on her work, this momma is behind with uploading her work. Until I catch up, my wip's progress will be super slow. As you see in the pictures, I'm still working on the Carnation and on the Spring Stitching Club english paper piecing project. I truly enjoy whatever little time I get to spend adding a few stitches here and there on these projects!
Need to squeeze time to keep working on some "hush hush" embroidery projects: redwork, owls, and on a belated housewarming gift that I just started. Maybe I give you a peek of it next time ;-). It's already posted on my IG... just in case you like to take a look. Enjoy the week ahead!

Notes: Linking to Stitchery Link Party

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Despite the tight schedule I was able to finally squeezed in some stitching time. The carnation is now on the hoop! This is part of the Aunt Martha's iron on transfer pattern no.3813 Flowers of the Month. I'm omitting the flowers names/months and stitching them in no particular order.
This month I need to try to catch up with sending my oldest's online-homeschooling work (the only part of homeschooling that I'm not crazy about: lots of scanning, uploading, compressing files, emailing, writing notes about each homework, waiting for teacher's feedback, etc., but it's all worth it!). Will still try to squeeze in a bit more stitching time, to keep sane ;-). Until next time!

Notes: Linking to Susan's Stitchery Link Party.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stash Enhancements ;-)

Well, not much stitching these past few days. However, I do have -among other things- some recent additions to my Japanese embroidery book collection. Here they are!
They are all lovely, but I think that my favorite is the one with 12 brooches on a pink front cover. The patterns in it are small so they are very quick to stitch plus they are lovely!
These two above also have lots of small designs, again, great for creating something cute in a short amount of time and still feel accomplished. It's been quite sometime since my last purchase of Japanese embroidery books... guessing I had to make it up for the lost time and that I also figured out (which is really not difficult) how to purchase directly from Amazon Japan... :-), which saved me lots of $$. Must admit that having this kind of knowledge could be very dangerous, you have been forewarned!
Finally, another Japanese embroidery book and Trish Burr's latest embroidery book which I purchase with a nice coupon ;-) from Barnes & Nobles. One day I hope to be able to spend some time learning Trish Burr's technique on needle-painting! Love her work! Maybe next time I'll have some update(s) on my embroidery and/or english paper piecing projects. Until next time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Violets, Done!

Here are my violets... all in full bloom! So glad I was able to complete this WIP I've been having for sometime, now on the hoop is the carnation. Not following any particular order and I'm leaving out the flower names and months.
Here are a few peeks at the work in progress ;-). I love work in progress shots... do you?
You may recall that I started this pattern set (Aunt Martha's no. 3813 Flowers of the Month) sometime ago... aiming to make a lap quilt for my mom. Hopefully I'll get through all the flowers in a timely manner. Below is a peek of the back, this is how I like to travel to keep things a bit tidy ;-).
Do you recall which was the first flower completed? No? Ok, here it is! Once all the blocks are embroidered, they may have to go to a professional quilter, that's the only way I see the lap quilt getting done. At least I'll have the pleasure of knowing that the flowers were hand embroidered by me .... for my mom.
Perhaps the next post will have some progress updates on some of my other wips... if not, then maybe a little peek of some goodies that recently made it to my stash. Until next time!

Non-Affiliated link(s):
Pattern: No.3813 Flowers of the Month by Colonial Patterns.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bluebirds... Another Wip Completed!

So happy to have finished embroidering my Bluebirds project! (Pattern by Cathie Richardson).
It is proving really helpful having all my wip's organized in one place where they are visible. 

 Here is a picture of the entire design. My little ones and I enjoy birdwatching through our living room and kitchen nook windows!

I have completed another project and hope to post about it soon
Thanks for all the comments on previous posts,... will try to reply in a few days! Have a great week!

Notes: Pattern can be found on Cathie's Etsy shop.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Ta da!!! Here are, practically, all my embroidery work in progress projects, ready for me to continue working on them!

Ikea utility carts have been around for quite awhile now. I've always wanted one, but not in the pretty aqua/blue most crafters have. Not because I don't like aqua, I actually love aqua... however it doesn't match with my needlework desk (yes, I'm the matchy matchy type of girl).
However, these carts went on sale recently... and I thought, well perhaps I could get the girls one each in order to keep certain things tidy and easy to move around, so went to the Ikea website and to my delight there were available in beige and gray as well... hooray! Ended up getting 4... LOL. One in grey for my husband's office, and 3 in beige for the girls and I. They were pretty easy to put together, did the four of them myself!

Now I have all my WIP's on one place, easy for me to see and noticed what needs to be completed. Plus can be rolled away out of sight, for when my schedule becomes too tight to have stitchy distractions. A good feeling of accomplishment to have organized all these in this handy cart. Perhaps now, finally, I'll be able to finish most of what I start! How are you keeping motivated to finish your WIP's? Do you need to keep them in sight, or do you work on them methodically?
Until next time!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Around the Fence, Completed!

I was able to finish stitching the doodle stitchery pattern I drew in 2011! 

This was in my "To Stitch" list but always was pushed behind other embroidery projects. Thanks to this month's stitch-along, hosted by Kristen, I finally got to it and completed it! 

Above is a mid-way progress shot, taken outside after winter storm Octavia dumped some wintery mix in this area a little over a week ago. Materials/Notions/Supplies used: Hardwicke Manor hoop (love these hoops), Sticky Fabri-Solvy (printed designed on it), Finca/Presencia perle cotton no.12 (for most of the pattern), and a little bit of DMC embroidery thread. 

This above was the stitching beginnings of it.
It was fun and it challenged me to stitch a little doodle that I've shared here on my blog for awhile now. 

On the upcoming post I'll share with you how I recently organized practically all of my hand embroidery projects along with my english paper piecing wip. I'm really excited about it! (If you have pop over my Instagram then perhaps you have already seen it.)
Until next time!

Monday, February 2, 2015

February Stitch-Along!!! Join Us!!!

Join Kristen and me stitching the embroidery doodles on the Freebies page on this blog during this month!
Did you know that February is National Embroidery month? 
Kristen (aka: bobbypinbandit) posted about it on her blog
You are more than welcome to download the freebies! Those who join on the #stitchthrough2015 stitch-along may enter a little giveaway that will be held at the end of the month... exciting!!!
Do you have any embroidery projects going on this month?
Would you be making room to Stitch Along this month with us?
Please add the blog/flickr/instagram/etc.  label or hashtag: stitchthrough2015 or  #stitchthrough2015 ,  accordingly.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small

I can't get over the super cute embroidery designs in Mollie's new Stitch Love book! I'm having a hard time trying to choose a favorite design, (bet you can't either). 
The book format has a pure simple cuteness reminiscent of Japanese zakka style books (which I love). The creatures are categorized into habitat groups, and they are all pictured already stitched. I truly like the fact, that when you open the book, the projects start shortly after. All the basics of embroidery and sewing are found at the back, along with the super cute traceable embroidery designs/patterns, and the projects templates.

Now, which "sweet creature" will I stitch first!?!?! 
PS: I have no affiliation with the author, or publisher house. I'm just sharing some "Stitch Love"! :-) Mollie's patterns are always so cute!

Monday, January 12, 2015

What I've Been Up To

As I mentioned on my previous post, here are a few peeks of current wip's.
First is Jenny's free BOM "The Vintage Kitchen". The original 
BOM is in redwork, but I'm doing mine in blue... it goes better with my kitchen ;-).

I'm also doing another hush-hush stitching... only a little peek of it for now. I'm embroidering with Cosmo Multi-Work it comes in a spool in 2 strands, however I'm using 3 strands for this wip.

I'm still working on my Spring Stitching Club (pattern by Mollie Johanson aka: Wild Olive). This and the two other wip's above came with me on a family vacation trip. Hopefully by the time we are back home, these four hexies will be pieced into hexagon flowers. 

Before I go, for those of you interested on Jenny's BOM "The Vintage Kitchen",... here is how the finished project will look like once completed. Small and manageable, I most likely be doing all the stitcheries although not sure I will complete the entire mini quilt as shown. Perhaps you may want to visit Jenny's blog to check it out for yourself. Here is a link to her blog post.

I guess this is all for now... 'til next time!

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